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JFP Youtube Channel

JFP is a YouTube channel that focuses on providing high-quality content related to personal development, fitness, and wellness. The channel is led by a team of experienced coaches, trainers, and experts who are dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

The channel offers a wide range of videos, including workout tutorials, fitness challenges, and tips on nutrition and healthy living. Additionally, JFP also offers a variety of motivational and inspirational content, such as interviews with successful athletes, business leaders, and other accomplished individuals.

JFP’s goal is to empower and inspire their audience to take control of their lives and become the best versions of themselves. The channel’s content is designed to be relatable, practical, and actionable, with a strong emphasis on community and accountability.

JFP’s content is suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and it caters to a wide variety of individuals, whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply improve your overall health and well-being.

If you’re looking for a YouTube channel that will help you to achieve your goals, inspire you to take action and become a better version of yourself, JFP is the channel for you!

José Fabricio Pelaez

Coach Fabricio has been an accomplished bodybuilder and coach with over a decade of experience in the Fitness industry. As an athlete, he has competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions, earning the swiss champion title in classic Bodybuilding.

As a coach, Fabricio has worked with countless individuals, helping them to achieve their goals and reach their full potential in business or their individual sports. He is known for his ability to create customized training and nutrition plans that are tailored to the individual needs and current lifestyle of his clients. He is also a master at creating personalized training plans that can help clients to achieve their desired results.

Coach Fabricio’s expertise in the field of bodybuilding is matched by his dedication to continuing education and staying current with the latest research and trends in the industry. He is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist and is also knowledgeable in other areas such as sports psychology.

His clients include professional athletes, bodybuilders, martial arts academies and regular people who want to improve their physical appearance and overall health. He is highly respected in the bodybuilding and Personal Trainer community for his knowledge and expertise as well as his ability to help clients from beginner  to elite athletes. 

In addition to his work as a coach, Fabricio is also a highly respected public speaker, Life Coach for and as an entrepreneur, sharing his insights and experience with audiences around the world. He is a true inspiration for many people who want to improve their physical and mental health as well as achieving their goals.