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Welcome to my platform offering Online and One-on-One Coaching tailored for diverse athletes and lifestyle fitness enthusiasts. Drawing from my expertise in strength and conditioning training, I provide specialized guidance in nutrition, supplementation, stress management, and recovery techniques. My unique approach is coined as “Functional Bodybuilding.”

Functional Bodybuilding, as the name suggests, is a purpose-driven fitness philosophy. Coming from a background in Bodybuilding as a former athlete, I have honed my focus on strength, athleticism, and overall training for athletes. I combine my extensive knowledge of Bodybuilding with traditional strength and conditioning training methods.

What is Functional Bodybuilding?

In essence, “functional” signifies a specific purpose behind every training regimen. Whether it’s enhancing strength, mobility, structural balance, hypertrophy, or injury prevention, each training session is designed with a clear objective in mind. While Bodybuilding has historically been associated primarily with aesthetics and hypertrophy, I believe in a more comprehensive approach.

In the realm of sports, relying solely on hypertrophy is inadequate. Hypertrophy is not a skill but a cellular adaptation to resistance training. Athletes vary in their responses to similar training and nutritional instructions. Some athletes achieve significant muscle growth with fundamental resistance training principles and basic sports nutrition guidance, while others may see mediocre or no results with the same approach.

My objective is to establish a clear system wherein athletes and hobbyists can measure their progress through benchmarks and set goals. Understanding that strength, mobility, and conditioning training contribute to superior outcomes compared to mere hypertrophy training, I emphasize a balanced and well-structured program. Pairing this with simple, actionable nutrition principles ensures sustained results, injury prevention, and an overall healthier outcome.

Join me on this transformative journey towards achieving your fitness goals and unlocking your true potential.

    José Fabricio Pelaez

    Functional Bodybuilding Coach
    Strength & Conditioning Coach

    Co Founder and Master Coach @ Yourtrainer Basel AG

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